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Splash Pad Design & Construction

Fun & Safe Splash Pad San Antonio


Cool down on these hot summer days with a Splash Pad San Antonio! Add value to your home and give your kids a safe place to cool off and have fun with a unique splash pad designed specifically for your space. Our expert technicians at H3O Water Systems can help you with every stage of splash pad development, from design to final installation. Our Splash Pad San Antonio services are offered for residential and commercial properties.

A splash pad contains ground nozzles that spray water in an upward direction. Supervision isn’t required since there is no standing water reducing the chances of accidents. At H3O Water Systems, we understand the scope of splash pads and use our expertise to develop unique splash areas to fit your needs. Compared to a swimming pool a Splash Pad San Antonio requires low maintenance and has low installation costs.

Through optimum use of available space, our professional team can customize an eye-catching Splash Pad San Antonio shape or design that will fit perfectly in your backyard. H3O Water Systems splash pads are Neighbor’s Envy & Owner’s Pride!

Custom Built Splash Pads

Our Splash Pads San Antonio are tailor-made to meet the needs of each client. From initial placement and design of underground storage tank (100-500 gallons), to play area circulation using specialty nozzles and pumps, we undertake all the complexities related to the design and development of your splash pad. We also offer re-circulation treatments to keep the water fresh and clean, custom fountain kits installation, storage tank autofills, touch sensitive automatic controls, slides, and waterfalls. San Antonio Splash Pads add beauty to your home or neighborhood community center and become the place that children and adults will love to spend their spare time.

Repairs and Upgrades

Besides San Antonio splash pad design and installation, we also offer repair and upgrades to satisfy the needs or preferences of our clients. We can get any non-working or damaged system up and running in no time. You may also contact us for upgrades to your existing splash pads for adding features or simply making it look and feel brand new again.

H3O Water Systems has been helping people with San Antonio splash pads designs that are high quality and cost effective.

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