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San Antonio Irrigation Services – Sprinkler Installation And Repair


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We are a fully licensed & insured company. H3O Water Systems offers the ultimate solutions for all of your sprinkler & irrigation projects throughout the San Antonio area. From retro-fitting drip irrigation for your present sprinkler system, repairs for your existing system, renovations for older system or initial installations, it all can be handled by H30 Water Systems.

We offer our customers a water-efficient and cost-effective plan with little disturbance to the current landscape. Our work is all guaranteed and we offer scheduled maintenance to make sure the sprinkler system continues to operate at it’s peak performance.

Walk-Thru Of Sprinkler System

This service includes a comprehensive 42 point inspection to ensure proper coverage of your sprinkler system as well as adjustments of the nozzles and heads and programming of the control panel. After the System Walk-Thru has been completed by our technician, a proposal will be made for any additional repairs that need to be performed for you to approve.

We will not ever spend your money without your consent. Before any repairs are performed, they must be approved by YOU first.

Sprinkler System Repairs And Service

We repair and service all brands and sizes of drip irrigation or sprinkler systems in the greater San Antonio area. Our trucks are all completely stocked with different parts as well as troubleshooting equipment for finding buried valves and diagnosing electrical or controller problems. We can handle any trouble-shooting issue and warranty all our repairs.

Drip Irrigation Installation

We at H30 Water Systems strongly believe in sustainability and water conservation. That is why we have made an effort to learn all of the various aspects of proper drip irrigation with our installation and designs, no matter what the application is. Even if you own a sprinkler system already, we can retro-fit a drip irrigation properly to the system, which will save you a lot of money. Drip irrigation can be installed under grass or in beds and are not restricted the way that a sprinkler system is. So what does that mean for you? That you can have a gorgeous yard, even when experiencing a dry San Antonio summer come that us here in San Antonio know so well.

New System Installations in San Antonio

An irrigation system has numerous advantages to it for the office, home, or business. Higher property values, increased curb appeal, lower water usage, extended plant life and convenience are a few of the numerous benefits that can be offered by an irrigation system. Water is distributed evenly to all of your needed areas by our professionally designed systems. Therefore, dry spots aren’t a problem. We take great pride here at H30 Water Systems in water saving equipment and irrigation technology. For your convenience, we can install many systems in just one day.

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