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H3O Water Systems has been serving the greater San Antonio area since 2006. Here at H3O, we have the pleasure of offering the very best designers, technicians and installers in the business.

H3O’s management staff has a combined experience of over 100 years of experience in various aspects of the water systems industry, which allows us to meet and exceed all of our clients’ specific needs. Our primary focus is 100% Customer Satisfaction, from the first contact to finalizing a job we try to make sure that we are providing our clients with the best possible products and services.

We truly believe in keeping our clients happy, and we do everything in our power to make that happen. Our team here at H3O will work hard to make sure each customer’s needs and wants are met and even exceeded with exceptional customer service and professionalism throughout the job.

With over 25 employees, H3O is here and ready to help in any way that we can. H3O is your “One Stop Shop” for all your water system needs. At H3O, we offer a full assortment of both commercial and residential services. We stand behind our high quality work ethic and services, and we believe in honor and integrity in everything that we do.



about us h3oH3O Water Systems is owned and operated by 10 year San Antonio resident, Anthony Moore. Prior to his introduction to the world of irrigation and swimming pools, Tony spent many years as an Environmental Specialist with Space Missile Defense Program (also known as Star Wars). The majority of that time was spent on location in the Marshall Islands, in almost complete seclusion.

Tony quickly learned the importance of being properly prepared, as well as the value found in thinking outside the box. When asked to add any positive attributes to this Bio, Tony replied: “A business owner is only as strong as his weakest employee. I am blessed to be surrounded by the best guys in the business; in both our irrigation and swimming pools departments. I am confident in their abilities and proud to have them as representatives of H3O, more positive attributes cannot be found”.

Tony truly takes great pride in finding, hiring and keeping the very best of today’s swimming pool and irrigation workforce.

With Tony’s background, work ethic and reputable character, his vision for H3O is exactly what you’d expect it should be… “Honesty, Fairness, Reliability and 100% Customer Satisfaction”!

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